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FacingLife 9.11.23 You Ain't Braveheart

FacingLife 9.4.23 How Can We Get Along?

FacingLife 8.28.23 The Worst Part

New Web Series from Nerdy Pete: "IN-UNIVERSE"! First episode is up right now!

Multitasking is a Hard Habit to Break and Journalling is a Hard Habit to Make!


FacingLife 8.21.23 What kind of fear?

“How I’d” Replace the Secret Sauce in “Secret Invasion” with Better Sauce

FacingLife 8.14.23 How Do You Deal When FacingLife?

FacingLife 8.7.23 That's it!

FacingLife 7.31.23 The Alternative...

Goings On 7/28/23 RIP BLUE BIRD

My Tribute to the End of Twitter as We Know It in NFT form

FacingLife 7.24.23 Do I HAVE to Face Life?

Sketching in Tayasui Sketches App

FacingLife 7.17.23 When You Actually Face Life!

Nerdy Pete's Go Figure 02: Spider-Man No Way Home 3-Pack from Hasbro Unboxing

From The Flash isn’t Trash Despite in Being a Bomb

From FacingLife 7.10.23 What's so Bad About Plastics?

From FacingLife 7.3.23! "It's almost Like..."

FacingLife 7.3.23 It's Almost Like...


FacingLife 6.26.23 Plastics!

From FacingLife 6.26.23 Plastics!

I Don’t Want this to be About What It’s Going to be About. (hint: Rhymes with Shmangziety)

From! FacingLife 6.19.22 What Juneteenth Means to Conservatives!

Welcome to the New! Also: the new "Pete is Writing" Substack is live (but still a WiP)!

Just doing some house cleaning...

From FacingLife 6.12.23 What a Messed Up Situation!

From FacingLife 6.5.23 It's a Good Thing, President Joe?

3 Thoughts About Writing: What I think All Writers Should Do

Easy Makes it Harder